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Queer Community Centers


Around the world, queer community centers continue to provide safe spaces, friendship, healthcare, history, and so much more. Don't hesitate to reach out and please don't forget to donate what you can. Click below for a list of LGBTQ+ community centers.

Queer Booksellers


We can't have a queer community without queer bookstores! Please support the world's LGBTQ+ booksellers. Click below for a list of stores in the U.S. and Canada, compiled by Lambda Literary (worldwide list is in the works).

Queer Services Organizations


Smaller, local, and more specialized queer services organizations save lives every day. They need your help! Please give what you can to any of the LGBTQ+ organizations found by clicking below.

Queer History Resources


Queer archives are waiting for new historians, new donors, new volunteers, new collections, and new friendly faces. Queer archives are waiting for you! Click below for a list of some of the amazing LGBTQ+ archival resources from around the world.

Queer Media


Our stories won't be told unless we tell our stories. There are so many queer media sources documenting queer history as it happens! Click below for a partial list.