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About Matthew & Leighton

Best-known as the creators and curators of Instagram's @lgbt_history, Matthew Riemer and Leighton Brown blend striking imagery and meticulously researched narratives to uncover details too often overlooked. With a uniquely engaging ability to grapple with queer history so that individuals and organizations can understand the present and shape the future, Matthew and Leighton's approach to history teaches, challenges, and inspires.

Described as "absolutely essential" by Out magazine, @lgbt_history has drawn praise for for "giving special attention to the often overlooked stories of transgender and bisexual members of the community . . . [as well as] to people of color and people with disabilities, who have been crucial to the advancement of queer liberation but often go ignored."

With their book, We Are Everywhere: Protest, Power, and Pride in the History of Queer Liberation, Matthew and Leighton provide, according to historian and activist icon Joan Nestle, "a handbook for action, cherishing those who risked so much, and a living bridge between our communities of the past and present." Within We Are Everywhere's pages, Anderson Cooper writes, is "our pride and power, our blood and tears, our love and laughter."

Matthew and Leighton live in Washington, D.C., where Leighton is an attorney and Matthew, a former attorney, is a writer and lecturer. They enjoy fighting fascists, spending time with their dog, and disrupting fundamentalists' worldviews. We Are Everywhere is the couple's first book.